Rinkostyrimų centras (Market Research Center) is the first market research company launching private online communities in Baltics.

It is a new and advanced market research technology which is equipped with a range of useful market research tools such as:

  • Online Focus Discussion groups
  • Video and Photo Diaries for ethnography
  • Online Surveys
  • Polls
  • Etc.

Private online community

Depending on clients’ needs a private social network is created using a special software.

Private online community is a virtual space in which members discuss different topics.  A focus group moderator coordinates an online discussion. Members can participate in a wide range of activities associated with a common goal. As 100 and more members are usually selected to participate in a community, quantitative research can be conducted within the platform, e.g., concept, product, packaging and advertising tests.Private online community is not limited in time. It can last from 1 month to 10 years or more.

Private online community’s approach enables you to:

  • Quickly and at low cost get answers to questions that your client is interested in
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative market research methods
  • Analyse customer behaviour and motivation
  • Get authentic information about the customer – photos, videos, music
  • Test new products/ services
  • Examine an effectiveness of advertising and communication strategies
  • Conduct concept, product, packaging and advertising tests
  • Analyse customer satisfaction
  • Measure employee loyalty
  • Examine functionality of e-stores/ websites
  • Etc.

Rinkos tyrimų centras owns private online communities (community panels) in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and in Belarus through its subsidiary Bell Partners. The private online community’s platform that Rinkos tyrimų centras is using belongs to DigitalMR* – a London head quartered online market research company that helps organizations make informed decisions using private online communities and active web listening.


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